Which Hairstyle Suits You?

How many times have you gone to a salon without any clue as to what you want the hairdresser to do to your hair? When you get there they ask you what you want and you have no idea. I have done this many times. Then of course, you are completely at the mercy of the hairdresser and his/her ideas.

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For ease of reading let us assume that the hairdresser you have gone to is a guy, so I can dispense with the he/she him/her and just stick with he or him.

Perhaps he/she is having a bad day and decides that you are the ideal way to get rid of some of the angst that is besetting him/her.

He decides that he wants to spend a bit of time on you as it helps to pass the time and he can forget his problems for a while and so he does the new style that he has been waiting to do on someone but no-one has asked for it. Away he goes and does it on you.


Your face does not suit that style, nor does your lifestyle. It is far too fussy, far too hard to manage, far too much work involved every single morning. You really would rather have had a simple cut that just needs a wash, a quick dry, a little bit of styling gel and away you go.

You really cannot complain because you did not give decent instructions to him so he had full rein. The cut is good, the styling is fine, it just does not suit you. Lots of money later and you walk out the door of the salon to drown your sorrows in a café laté at the local coffee shop.

You have to wait a couple of weeks to get another style as you cannot afford another one today. So for the next two weeks you have to get up earlier each day and rework your hair so that it looks good. It takes a lot of effort because the style that has been created for you is not one of those easy hairstyles.

Wouldn’t it be so much nicer, so much more rewarding, to have come out of the salon with a style that looks great for your shape of face, has just the right amount of work involved to keep it looking good, and one that you are happy with?

With a virtual hairstyle you will know before you go into the salon exactly what you want and exactly what it will look like on you, providing of course that the hairdresser does what you ask. If he doesn’t then you will be able to complain and not pay, because you will have given him the picture with the hairstyle on your face, the hairstyle of your choice and he will have no comeback. He obviously did not follow instructions or was not capable of doing what you asked.

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So how do you get this picture of yourself with this great haircut? You log onto a virtual hairstyle site and look at the many hairstyle pictures they have online, short hair cuts, medium cuts, long hair styles, updos, prom hairstyles, wedding hairstyles, all the hairdos you could possibly want, and they show you what they look like on your photo. There you are with your photo uploaded onto the site and the style you have chosen looks absolutely horrible with your round face. Brilliant. It cost you virtually nothing and you can look for something else that will suit your face. You have a virtual hairstylist right in your own home. You can see what lots and lots of different hairstyles can look like on your face and decide which you prefer. If you cannot decide then if it is a good website it will have a place where you can enter your choices and ask other members for their opinions as to which suits you best.

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