Mid Length Hairstyles

Should I have short hair or long hair?  Which would look best on me?  I could not decide so I thought I would just go with a mid length one.  That way, if I decided I wanted it shorter I could still do it and if I decided I would prefer it long, then I would not have so long to wait until it had grown again.

Yes, alright, call it a copout but haven’t you ever done that?

Ever since I was 11 years old I have wanted long hair. It was at that age that my long hair was cut short.  I have never managed to get it that length again.  It gets to a certain length and then becomes unruly and I end up getting it cut. I am never really happy with it short though. This time I was determined to get it long.  I grew it for about a year without going to the hairdresser once. A friend cut my fringe a couple of times and apart from that it just grew.

Eventually I could not stand the untidiness of it so did a virtual hairstyle and chose what I wanted.  Armed with the printout of the various styles I had tried I trotted off to the hairdresser.  I showed her the ones that I thought did not work as well as the one that did and left it to her to do the business.

Unfortunately I must have said something wrong in the instructions because she ended up layering the back.  Now I have to start all over again.  It does look quite good at the front but I am not happy with the back. The virtual hairstyling system I used did not show a back version but I really thought the hairdresser had grasped the idea that I wanted it all one length at the back. I live in France and my French language skills are not as good as they should be.

So, back to the drawing board.  I shall try another virtual hairstyling program though.  Was it just the hairdresser’s inability to grasp my requirements, or was it that she thought I would suit it better this way? I must admit what I thought suited me was not what my husband or my friend thought.  They both chose a different style to me.

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