Mid Length Hairstyles

Should I have short hair or long hair?  Which would look best on me?  I could not decide so I thought I would just go with a mid length one.  That way, if I decided I wanted it shorter I could still do it and if I decided I would prefer it long, then I would not have so long to wait until it had grown again.

Yes, alright, call it a copout but haven’t you ever done that?

Ever since I was 11 years old I have wanted long hair. It was at that age that my long hair was cut short.  I have never managed to get it that length again.  It gets to a certain length and then becomes unruly and I end up getting it cut. I am never really happy with it short though. This time I was determined to get it long.  I grew it for about a year without going to the hairdresser once. A friend cut my fringe a couple of times and apart from that it just grew.

Eventually I could not stand the untidiness of it so did a virtual hairstyle and chose what I wanted.  Armed with the printout of the various styles I had tried I trotted off to the hairdresser.  I showed her the ones that I thought did not work as well as the one that did and left it to her to do the business.

Unfortunately I must have said something wrong in the instructions because she ended up layering the back.  Now I have to start all over again.  It does look quite good at the front but I am not happy with the back. The virtual hairstyling system I used did not show a back version but I really thought the hairdresser had grasped the idea that I wanted it all one length at the back. I live in France and my French language skills are not as good as they should be.

So, back to the drawing board.  I shall try another virtual hairstyling program though.  Was it just the hairdresser’s inability to grasp my requirements, or was it that she thought I would suit it better this way? I must admit what I thought suited me was not what my husband or my friend thought.  They both chose a different style to me.

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Your Skin And Hair Can Look As Good As You

Wow!  You look so beautiful.  What have you done?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a friend of yours said that to you one day soon?  You have known this person for a long time and she knows you inside out.  You have always looked good but now you look radiant and she wants to know how you did it?  Is there something that she needs to know so she can do it too?

Well, will I let her into the secret?  Is she worth it?  Actually, when it comes down to it, everyone is worth it.  Even your worst enemy, and I am sure you do not have one of those anyway, is worth the chance to look good.  Maybe then she would feel better about herself and the problem that made her into your enemy would become inconsequential.  Insecurity or jealousy is often a cause of tension between people. Eliminate the problems inside that person and you could well eliminate the problems that came between you and made you enemies in the first place.

So what is the secret? Good natural skin and hair products.

Stop putting all those chemicals onto and into your body and start using natural products that are so much more friendly to your health. Do things the way nature intended them to be done.

A really beautiful dress will not look good if your skin and hair are not also looking good.

Do yourself a favour – have a look at the range of products available from the Mario Badescu range and choose one or some that will enhance your natural good looks.  You are worth it.

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The Hairstyler Virtual Hairstyle Site

If you are not happy with the hairstyle that you have now, this is a great opportunity to discover what “The Hair Styler” can do for you. This fantastic website will allow you to look through all of their thousands of different hairstyles. Once you find the type that you think will really look good for you, you can upload a photo of yourself, and they will allow you to try the different hairstyles by putting the style on your own picture. The upload is simple to use and very quick, depending on the speed of your internet connection.

It would be a good idea to first choose a good photo of yourself with your hair completely off your face in order to see how you would look in the new hairstyle pictures. You do not have to wonder what you might look like any longer, you can actually see for yourself. Perhaps you always thought that you would look good with short hair, you can use some of the Short Hair Cut Pictures to find out if this type of hairstyle is for you. There are over 8,000 pictures for you to choose from.

“The Hair Styler” offers free consultation, and they can tell you some of the disadvantages and certain issues that may arise with some hairstyles.  By answering some of the questions on the website, you will learn about yourself as well as test your knowledge of yourself. The site also helps you decide which type of color and style will be the best to fit your complexion. They will ask you what shape your face is and what your hair density is. If you are unsure what shape your face is they show you how to determine it. You will also be able to tell them what the thickness of your hair is. Then they take all this information that you have typed in, and tell you just what might be worth checking into. You can talk with them about everyday styles, classic hair styles, hairstyles for an upcoming bride, and even what the most popular styles are.

Once you register with the website, you can select from celebrity hairstyles, no matter if you are a male or a female. There are over 8,000 styles to choose from in 53 colours. The site will also help you with your photo control. You can email, print, save them to your favorites, and do a “before and after” photo of yourself. They can also offer advice about hair color, with any particular hairstyle. You can learn what the benefit is of having bangs, and that bangs are not meant for everyone.

The cost? Only USD $19.95 for 12 months membership – plenty of time for you to make a decision and far less than the cost of one unsuccessful trip to the hairdresser.

View yourself in many of the most popular hair styles at The Hair Styler. You will not be disappointed with them or the styles they have available.

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